Cirro Integration Suite

Cirro Integration Suite is an innovative software solution that combines leading software systems with advanced enterprise content management functionalities. Our suite seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to manage your business operations all in one place.

Our advanced document management functionalities provide features such as version control, access controls, and automated workflows, ensuring your critical documents are safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Cirro Integration Suite offers a comprehensive, unified system that streamlines your operations and increases your productivity.

Say goodbye to outdated systems and discover the power of advanced content management with Cirro Integration Suite. Contact us today to learn more about how our software solution can transform your business.

AI-based document recognition

Utilize the unbelievable advances in artificial intelligence to speed up your business processes. Our AI-based document recognition service fully integrates into your leading ERP applications and helps you to automate and streamline critical processes like Invoice to Pay or Order to Cash.

Business object-based integration

Our integration philosophy is based on business objects. That means that each business object in your leading ERP application (e.g. a customer, a vendor, an employee, etc.) can get its dedicated content management space with a bespoke structure, automated permission and data synchronization, and much more.

Full content management capabilities

Cirro Integration Suite offers advanced enterprise content management functionalities that provide features such as version control, access controls, and automated workflows. Our document management system allows you to store, organize, and access your documents with ease, ensuring they are safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Accounts Payable Demo

Have a closer look

Have a look at our demo video to see how you can use the Cirro Integration Suite can help you to automate your Invoice to Pay process.

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